Workshop: Teaching the Teachers: iPads and Green Screens – Report

Wednesday 23 September 2015 3:00pm by Toyin Ayinde


Blossom Carrasco, Lead Tutor, London Connected Learning Centre (UK)

Kim Morrison, Project Manager, London Connected Learning Centre (UK)

Take aways:

  • Partnerships with cultural organisations boost learning experience for children and young people
  • CPD training for teachers and families helps with children’s development and increases engagement

Blossom and Kim opened the presentation with background information on the London Connected Learning Centre.

  • It was created through grant funding
  • The new government led to cuts
  • Schools were willing to pay for the service

Blossom highlighted the importance of linking their project work with the curriculum. TheLondon Connected Learning Centre has also partnered with various cultural organisations to help promote STEM subjects, which is currently a big topic in the UK.

LCLC focuses on early years to 18 year olds and provides CPD for teachers.

Kim talked through some previous projects and showed snippets of scenes from young people: ‘Shakespeare on Film’ created in partnership with RSC and the Cultural Campus project in association with the BFI. Both had received great feedback from teachers regarding the engagement of children and how deeply involved they were.

Blossom surmised that the family learning and filmmaking projects have helped enhance the engagement level of children and young people, and through production involvement, well-equipped teachers have created enjoyable lessons.

The audience then broke up into groups of 4 and were talked through the process of using the Green Screen app for practical learning.  The Green Screen App for capture is available through the Apple Store at a cost of £2.30 and it’s possible to use iMovie for editing.

And using the Capture App, delegates tried their hand at movie-making in a lively end to the day. (See the photos for proof).






Toyin Ayinde

Events Coordinator, Into Film
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