The Children’s Film First Databases – Report

Thursday 24 September 2015 2:44pm

Günther KinstlerProject Manager, Children’s Film First and Children’s and Youth Film Advisor (Germany)

Three new databases created in the last year, based on questions sent out to the ECFA network.

  1. Children’s Literacy Professionals  – available from the CFF or the ECFA websites. Includes information about the roles of, and contacts details for, people in the range of disciplines connected to film literacy for the young in Europe.  Designed to facilitate partnership building and knowledge sharing.
  2. Feature Film Study Guides – lists the study guides available for a range of European films (currently 107 titles) and the various language versions. Where permissions are available the guides are embedded in the CFF database. Many of the guides listed are currently in German, as the Vision Kino organisation produces many of them as part of its role.
  3. Short Film Study Guides. Short films are more difficult as there are so many films, and there is not so much information available about study guides. In many cases the guides are made by the company which has made the short, and to obtain the guide you have to buy the film.
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