Giacomo Verde

Cross-Media Artist -

Since the 1970s, Giacomo Verde has crossed different arts such as theatre, poetry, video, literature, music, shows and exhibitions. He is the inventor of ‘tele-racconto’ – a mix of theatre and video art in which he has directed several shows. He is one of the first artists in Italy to create interactive artwork and net-art. Giacomo experiments with ‘tekno-anthropo-logical’ mutations and his constant is creating connections between different artistic genres. One of his latest projects is ‘Videopoetry Cell’ in which poetry is made using images captured on a smartphone.

Giacomo's Sessions

Workshop – Words and Pictures: Poetry and Mobile Phones

Thursday 24 September 2015 3:45pm-5:00pm

Creative Practice Workshop From Il Nuovo Fantarca, a social cooperative working in media studies and video art, a writing workshop exploring the creative possibilities of shooting first, scripting later, using phones and free downloadable filmmaking programmes. With Rosa Ferro – Artistic Director, Il Nuovo Fantarca, and director Giacomo Verde, cross media artist and director of ‘Video Poetry Cell’…

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