Children’s Film First Conference

23 & 24 September 2015 Brussels, Belgium

Programme Highlights

Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament for NW England
Julie Ward
The conference welcome address will be given by Julie Ward MEP. Julie is is Co-founder of the parliamentary intergroup on children’s rights and is a member of the European Parliament Culture & Education Committee.

Matteo Zacchetti of the Creative Europe MEDIA Unit
Matteo Zacchetti
Matteo is Deputy Head of European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme and is responsible for the Media Literacy initiative. In his keynote, he will be updating delegates on the literacy programme.

Boudewijn Koole, Director ‘Kauwboy’
Boudewijn Koole
Our Creative Keynote is by Boudewijn Koole, director of the award-winning film ‘Kauwboy’. Boudewijn started as a documentary filmmaker, often focusing on the lives of children and young people. His first feature film, ‘Kauwboy’ was sold to over 14 countries and won worldwide more than 30 awards.

Film Industry Panel
Anja Horckmans
The film Industry panel Access to Children’s Film focuses on access to children’s film, and current and future distribution models, with Ed Fletcher (MD, Soda Pictures UK), Matthieu Zeller (former EVP International Marketing, Distribution & Business Development, Studiocanal), Anja Horckmans (Jekino Distribution, Belgium) and Reinhold T. Schöffel (CEO, German federation of young audiences’ film clubs Bundesverband Jugend und Film/ BJF).

Creative practice sessions
Romuald BeugnonCreative practice sessions include Iris Verhoeven (Antwerp Youth Film Festival ‘Young Programmers’), Bettina Buchler (German Film and Media Review ‘Youth Film Jury’), Jacques van de Veerdonk (Watch That Sound, Netherlands), Romuald Beugnon (Mash Up Table, France), Claire Oliver (Into Film, UK), Florine Wiebega (Eye, Netherlands), Marta Nieto Postigo (Drac Màgic, Spain).

Giacomo Verde
Workshops are led by Rosa Ferro (Il Nuovo Fantarca, Italy) with artist Giacomo Verde and by Blossom Carrasco (London Connected Learning Centre, UK).

Tonje Hardersen
The moderator for the day is Tonje Hardersen (Director, Norwegian Film Festival).


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